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Measures: 40 cm. + 60 cm. + 30 cm. (each)

Limited Edition 17 pieces


This trilogy presents three contemporary erotic aspects on the one hand, and with an immediate reading, it recalls a classic. It portrays the fetishistic and ritualistic eroticism brimming both with ingenuousness and innocence —in a sense evoking its best known exponents: Nabokov’s and the countless Manga Graphics’ Lolitas. Afterwards, it deepens and brings before us a more modern and controversial eroticism where it is set up a bond which goes beyond the affinity to a given genre or both; it is the eroticism of fusion itself, where attraction is produced by the amalgam of genres which constitutes a new human typology. Both elements are displayed in these pieces with great consideration for the observer, without noticing that in them there is also implied a third view, that of the religious and ecclesiastical eroticism by means of a child-like and naïve picture: a Holy Duck with breasts. If it is true that the Christian erotic iconography is par excellence represented by way of the Saint Sebastian, sublimated and enraptured through suffering, we can also find a gentler, more compassionate and mature iconography accomplished in the Madonnas with exuberant breasts. The Holy Duck in context with the other two pieces moves away from this Madonnas vision and leads us to something more modern and sinister within eroticism.