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Measures: 62 cm. + 34 cm. + 44 cm.

Limited Edition 9 pieces


Memín Pinguín is a character deeply rooted in the Mexican folklore of the 50’s and 60’s. This figure was created by Yolanda Vargas Dulché in 1943 and made into a comic —where the adventures of a child were told— until the 50 and 60 decades, when it was popularized and became a symbol of the Mexican Comic.


It was in those decades that in a wrong and informal way, a toy was produced from this character. It was represented like being squat and a kind of wick was introduced in its anus, which was intended to be lit and so it was given way to the creation of a substance with fecal look.


Don Memo came back from oblivion and recreated this toy in a bigger scale raising again the different readings of a continuity with a contemporary Mexico, where the discourse is focused on three aspects: Memory, Mexico and Shit; where in spite of the clearly eschatological contents, it becomes blurred when meeting a counterpart with humor and liking, and so generating a variety of possible readings.