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Measures: 220 cm. + 95 cm.

Unique pieces


As the result of a constant search for a better understanding of the society in which we live, we have developed the CRISTOTEM, a piece of which several artists can be a part of.


It is our belief that by means of this iconic canvas intervention the diverse concerns and definitions of this component, strongly assembling a society just like ours, can be shown.


Grounded on this understanding we can develop a more dynamic and harmonious way to get close to the new social behaviors and their ritual systems.


We made a series of 33 CRISTOTEMS, with 7 CRISTOTEMS in the first collection for other artists and/or designers to take part in it, counting on Dr. Alderete as curator. On this occasion the guest artists are:


Balastudio, Alejandro Magallanes, Quique Ollervides, News, Smithe, Zoveck and Andrés Amaya.